We provide information on how to stream content online, on smart TVs or tablets or through streaming devices. As streaming devices are the latest addition to the platform to view digital content.

You can watch OTT apps and Live TV channels like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube TV, NFL, ESPN, and Disney on streaming devices. Streaming devices are a platform that can make your older TVs smart and help you view everything online. The best part is that no additional cost is incurred to avail of all the smart features like play & pause for live TV or recording a live content to be viewed later. Devices with such features are either already loaded in your new TVs or you can go for a streaming device that is enabled with all these features. These are plug & play devices, install your favourite OTT app and start viewing, the only thing required is a high-speed internet connection.

How to activate the streaming devices?

Turn on your device and select your preferred language. Now it will look for available Wifi networks, select the name of your network and enter the wifi password. Once the correct password is entered, your device is activated. It will load the latest software. Now you can add all your favourite channels and OTT apps. Once the channels are added, open the respective app, enter your username and password for the app and now you can watch your favourite content.